Legendary food and

all of the latest games!

At Fannie Farkle’s, you come for the food and stay for the fun! You’ll smell our Ogle Dogs, cheesesteaks, and sausage subs long before you even reach our doors – and you’ll hear our games and the laughter of those playing them as you stroll through the heart of Gatlinburg.

The Legendary Ogle Dog

Our legendary Ogle Dog is a closely-guarded secret recipe that honors one of Gatlinburg’s founding fathers, and it’s ingredients are made locally exclusively for Fannie Farkle’s. You can watch us prepare your delicious Ogle Dog start-to-finish just for you. And, in case you were wondering, they’re a foot long!

Mouth-Watering Food

Smoked Sausage with Peppers & Onions


Monster, All-Beef, Half-Pound Hot Dog

Thirst-Quenching Drinks

Fannie Farkle’s Souvenir Cup

Fannie’s Yardz Cup with Beads

Fill it up with your choice of Sweet Tea, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pibb Xtra, Hi-C (Orange Lavaburst) or Fannie’s Lemonade

Deliciuosly Sweet Treats

Frozen Farkle’s Freezy

• Blue Raspberry
• Chillin’ Cherry
• Mountain Mandarin Orange
• Sweet Sour Apple

Shaved Ice

• Tiger’s Blood
• Blue Raspberry
• Bubble Gum
• Cotton Candy
• Grape
• Lemon Lime
• Piña Colada
• Sour Green Apple
• Strawberry
• Watermelon
• Wild Cherry

Everyone’s Favorite Games!

Fannie Farkle’s has everyone’s favorite games! All of the biggest, best and newest games are waiting for our guests, and young and old alike will find hours of fun in our game rooms. Whether you love the classics like PacMan, Skee Ball and driving games or prefer the latest like Ticket Time, Robot Storm or Sink It, you’ll have the best time ever playing at Fannie Farkle’s!

Our Game Cards

Our Game Card system eliminates quarters and paper tickets. Just buy your game card when you get to Fannie Farkle’s and everything else is as easy as a swipe of your card. Play all of our games, get food, drinks or snacks and – when you’re done – turn in your card to redeem points for the best prizes you’ll find anywhere. It’s fast and easy, even for the kids.

The Best Prizes

The prizes at Fannie Farkle’s aren’t what you expect at a traditional game center. We have everything from Play Station systems to bicycles, rafts and collectible Disney figurines – and the largest selection of stuffed animals you’ll find in the Smokies. Remember, your points never expire at Fannie Farkle’s so you can come back later today, next week or next year and earn more points.

Come for the food, stay for the fun!

Fannie Farkle’s Online Store Coming Soon!

We have Fannie Farkle’s Merch!

We have special, limited editions of Fannie Farkle’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and stuffed animals. If you are interested taking a piece of Fanny Farkle’s home with you, email us at info@FannieFarkles.com.